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Product name:V infold tissue with laminaiton system
Product description:

CS(180-220)/4-8V V-Fold hand towel/facial tissue folding machine ( with lamination devices)

complete series of removable pull-out type hand towel and facial tissue folding machines are used to fold hand towel /facial tissue into chain-type cross-folded rectangular pieces after the base paper is cut with a knife roll; the folded hand towel/facial tissue paper can be pulled out one by one by each pulling, so that the hand towel/facial tissue can be used conveniently and kept clean. This kind of machine adopt vacuum suction and automatic fold counting function, with such advantages as high speed, neatly folding, and easy to operate etc.

After the embossing process, the lamination devices will make the two layers stick together by gluing. It will increase the volume , water-absorption and softness of the finished products. It can also show color pattern on the paper surface by using color glue.

Unfolded finished product size

(180-220)x 210mm (width is adjustable) (other sizes can be ordered)

Output lanes

4-8 lanes can be ordered

Mechanical Speed

700-800 draws/min/lanes

Parent Roll Diameter

≤ Φ1200mm

Parent Roll Core Diameter


Slitting system

Pneumatic mode point cutting

Vacuum suction system


Embossing unit

Option: steel to rubber, steel to steel , etc.

Edge embossing unit


Glue lamination system

Option: point to point embosser with lamination, nested embosser with lamination, Deco embosser with lamination

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