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Product name:non stop toilet paper production line
Product description:

non stop toilet paper production line

1.Max. jumbo roll width: 2800 mm;
2.Max. jumbo roll diameter: Φ1500-2200mm
3.Speed: 200-300m/min,non-stop
4.Diameter of finished rollers: Φ100mm –Φ140mm;
5.Core outer diameter: Φ38-Φ60mm
6.Perforation size: 100-500mm(customized)
7.Automatic parent roll tension control;
8.All the roller including the perforation pitch blade roller, rewind roller have got the anneal transact and movement balance
9.With two sets of backstand, three driving belts for the paper unwiding.


Embossing unit: steel roller to rubber roller, steel roller to felt roller, steel to paper wool

Lamination system:

lamination system

Tail sealing:

Log accumulator:

Storage quanity: 360 logs or smaller one 150 logs (chosen by customer)

Log saw machine (4 lanes, or 2lanes, (chosen by customers)

Roll core machine and core accumulator


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