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Product name:Facial tissue folding machine 2lines
Product description:


Facial tissue folding machine 2lines

Finished products size (180-210)*210mm (width is adjustable) (other sizes can be designated
Jumbo roll size (mm) Width 420-2100mm, 12~18g/*2 (plies), jumbo roll diameter 1200mm
Jumbo roll core inner diameter 76.2mm (other sizes can be designated)
Machine speed 800-1000 draws/min (set as per how many lines)
Embossment unit Steel to rubber, steel to steel
Side rolling embossing Steel to steel, independent adjustment
Slitting system Pneumatic mode point-cutting
Vacuum system 5.5-30kw
Pneumatic system 3HP air compressor, minimum pressure 5kg/c Pa (customer should prepare by themselves)
Machine power 10-40kw, 380v 50HZ
Overall size 7*1.2~2.8*1.8m
Weight of machine 4~6T
Choose items Should be ordered separately
Embossment unit Steel to rubber, steel to steel
Embossment down roller rubber roller, steel roller
Slitting system Pneumatic point-cutting, full cutting
Edge-embossing steel to steel, independent adjustment

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