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        Foshan Nanhai Meijing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is located in the hometown of machinery and equipment - foshan, adjacent to macau, is engaged in the household paper machinery developed one of the earliest enterprises. Company products include 7 major series: 1, rewinding machine (paper machine) series, the series of 2, draw-off facial tissue machine, paper machine series, 4, 3, hands napkin machine (square machine) series, 5, kitchen paper machine series, 6, base paper cutting machine series, 7, handkerchief paper folding machine series (handkerchief paper production line).

        The company has passed ISO9001:2000 quality system certification, CE certification, in the technical innovation, keep improving on quality. Developed by the company handkerchief paper automatic production line, its technology and performance, is still in the leading position in domestic. The company look forward to cooperating with all friends and each life paper production enterprises are warmly welcome to company to visit the guidance!

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